What is Klarem great for?

Klarem is a software package for the Microsoft Windows operating system that you can download to your PC, laptop or notebook to enable you to calculate the number of tiles you need to purchase for a particular DIY project. 

Klarem has been designed to make difficult DIY calculations easy.
Even for those without any understanding of the maths involved.

No Arithmetic
Skills Necessary

Our software doesn’t expect you to to know the difference between fractions and decimals!

Simple Layout
for Calculations

You can simply type in two measurements and display an answer  e.g. Length and Width, or Length and Area

Automatic Conversion of Units

Allows calculations with mixed Metrics. e.g. 11.2 cms and Imperial Units e.g. 3.5 ins

Allows mixing of Value formats

Enter fractions (e.g. 5/8), decimals (e.g. 2.45) or sub-unit formats (e.g. 5ft. 2.5 inches)

Visual Check

You can see a diagram of the tiling, to give you confidence in your results

Printed Record Available

Print out your results to take down the shop or keep handy for online shopping

Tiling Calculator

Allows you to print out all the tile and underlay calculations

Calculates the number of tiles and tile boxes required

Calculates the cost of tiles (in single or dual currency)

Calculates the tile wastage

Lets you calculate with both square and rectangular tiles

Lets you easily calculate tiles for window ledges

Lets you allow for any gaps (such as windows, doorways) in the area to be tiled

Lets you calculate tiling for several surfaces at once

Lets you choose your Text Size for readability

Lets you choose a Colour Scheme for your results (and for the help screens) if you have some visual impairment

Easy to Use

Quick to learn

MS Windows only

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